A Powerful Solution for Carbon Reduction
Unlock the power of Hydrogen with Joint Fuel Technology

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The Challenge:

Gas Turbine
  • Keeping your existing infrastructure

  • While reducing carbon emissions

  • And maintaining a reliable baseload and peak power supply.


 The Solution

Gas Turbine

The Solution:

Power plant

The Solution:

  • Installing a compact JFT-1000 system on-site

  • And removing carbon from natural gas before combustion

  • Upgrading your plant with clean burning hydrogen

  • While keeping your existing gas-fired turbines.


 The Benefits

The Benefits:

  • Reducing carbon emissions on day one

  • While meeting or exceeding EPA emission standards.

  • Maintaining reliable baseload power generation

  • While ensuring plant operations continue without interruption.


 The JFT-1000

What you are getting:

JFT-1000 20-foot module

What you are getting:

The JFT-1000 Module transforms natural gas and water into hydrogen fuel and carbon compound byproducts. The hydrogen fuel mix can power existing natural gas-fired turbines. Modules can be clustered, with each producing enough hydrogen to fuel a 25-megawatt power plant. The carbon compound byproducts are used in industrial processes.


 The Process

The Module Reaction Process:

JFT-1000 Module Diagram

JFT's process reacts natural gas and steam in a catalytic microwave-plasma reactor producing hydrogen and carbon compund gases. The resulting gases are passed through a MOF filter which separates the carbon compound gases from hydrogen fuel.


 The Interface

JFT-1000 Module Diagram

The System Interface:

System Interface Diagram

The System Interface

A JFT installation minimizes interfaces with existing power plant equipment. Your plant supplies natural gas, water, and A/C power. JFT's system includes holding tanks for natural gas and water, where sulfur compounds are removed and solids are filtered. Pressurized hydrogen is held before being piped to the plant's turbines. Byproduct carbon compounds are held in tanks for third party collection.


 The Installation

The Installation:

150MW Installation

You benefit from JFT's small footprint. A typical installation easily fits an unused corner of a parking lot. Equipment comes prefabricated in standard 20-foot containers. Only manifolds and holding tanks are assembled on a site-specific concrete pad. Installation can be completed in several weeks and should not interrupt the power plant's operations. Final interconnections take only a few days.



150MW Installation


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